Frequency : Daily | Alternate Day | Weekly

 We begin with an exhaustive exterior cleaning to remove as much dirt as possible.  Next, using special brushes and wheel cleaning products, the cleaning takes off all the dust and filth from the wheels.  The remaining exterior parts, like the windows and other rubber parts, are then polished and methodically cleaned, adding the finishing touches in all the corners of the car’s body and exterior trim to make the entire car sparkle

Subscription Starting from  ₹ 25/-  


 Frequency : Daily | Alternate Day | Weekly

 All of the upholstery inside the car is thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned with dry cloth to remove stains and dirt.  Plastics and vinyl are also properly cleaned and dressed.  Lastly, the interior glass is also cleaned and polished.

  Subscription Starting from  ₹ 30/-   


   Frequency : Daily | Alternate Day | Weekly

We begin with an exhaustive exterior cleaning to remove the dust first before splashing the water as if the dust sticks, might end up scratching the color/paint of the bike. Once done with the washing, dry the water off using micro fiber cloth in order to prevent dust sticking further.

 Subscription Starting from  ₹ 20/-

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